Where exactly can you find cannabidiol in France?

Cannabidiol is hard to find, but if you live in France and want to purchase it legally, there are some options. However, it would be best if you took some precautions before making this purchase, especially regarding the quality of the cannabidiol or CBD.

If you are looking for the best e-commerce options to shop safely, this article will help you find real solutions to buy the product without fear of breaking the law.

In a few lines, our article will explain the options you have. After that, you need to follow the instructions to buy cannabidiol legally.

find cannabidiol in france

Is cannabidiol legal in France?

It’s a gray area but a more ambiguous one than you might think. The legal framework for CBD in France is very complex. However, some regulations determine the “special” legality of cannabidiol. Of course, we’ll list some of them as needed:

  • Types of CBD must be registered on the official website;
  • Cannabidiol must not exceed 0.2% CBD-THC concentration;
  • The consumption of CBD in flower form is prohibited in France;
  • In France, even if the 0.2% limit is applied, the limit is zero because the law prohibits products containing THC.

However, CBD is available for purchase in online stores, so the confusion is quite understandable. In addition, many are wondering if cannabis is banned in France this year because of the new laws that have been passed.

The law is strict, and cannabidiol is indeed banned above the prescribed limit of 0.2% THC. For any purchase, go to the approved sites in France.

Buy cannabidiol online

buy cannabidiol in france

Due to the popularity of this product, the sale of cannabidiol online is gaining popularity in France. Online shopping is handy to have your goods delivered to your door. You can place an order in just a few clicks. However, you must choose a website that complies with French law. The brand must be more specialized than ever. In addition to high-quality delivery, you can find a wide variety of products designed with CBD. You will have understood. The Net is full of possibilities!

Buy cannabidiol in physical stores

As mentioned above, CBD and its legalization in France are still complex and challenging to understand. However, some major cities in France now have stores specializing in the sale of herbal CBD products.

You can also ask as many questions as you like and get great suggestions from CBD sellers.

Of course, you can get the same information on the website, but it’s always worth checking cannabidiol references before buying a product.
Not only is the physical store beneficial, but you can also examine the products to make sure they are indeed authentic. As a result, physical stores are also safe, as fewer scams and less fraudulent merchandise.

Pay as much as you want without worrying about counterfeit brands. Plus, you get to go home with the product, and there’s no long wait to be delivered.

buy cannabidiol from abroad

Buy cannabidiol from abroad

A third way to get cannabidiol is to import it. You can travel to European or non-EU countries, but be very careful about the rules. When importing CBD or cannabidiol, we strongly recommend that you do so from neighboring countries, especially when importing from the United States, where consumption varies considerably.

In Switzerland, for example, one of the most suitable countries, you can buy high-quality products. One final note: this product is subject to severe regulatory pressures, so you should always compare the THC and CBD levels of cannabidiol before importing a foreign product.

Regardless of how CBD is obtained, products containing THC may be sold illegally in France. Therefore, you should avoid smuggling and the recreational use of cannabis. Furthermore, medical cannabis is still forbidden in France, even if some recent laws have authorized the production of CBD flowers. For example, the sale, on the other hand, is still forbidden by law.