Where can I buy cannabidiol in Belgium?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is present in hemp, and it is now gaining popularity due to its many soothing and relaxing properties. You can find CBD in different forms, including CBD oil, CBD flowers, CBD resin, cosmetics, e-liquids, food, etc. But how can you legally obtain CBD in Belgium?

Does the legislation in Belgium tolerate CBD?

Belgium authorized CBD, as in France, provided that the level of THC contained in it is lower than 0,2 %. However, classic cannabis is still prohibited because of THC, which has psychotropic and euphoric properties.

In Belgium, You can buy CBD oil in pharmacies, but this is not the case in France, so Belgium is more advanced on this point. Nevertheless, the prices of products found in pharmacies are high. So, where can I buy cannabidiol in Belgium? For this reason, many consumers prefer to buy it in online stores or specialized stores.

On the other hand, CBD flowers are considered tobacco, so smoking them is illegal in some countries, but in Belgium, since April 2019, these have become legal. So to make a long story short, it is quite possible to smoke, buy and sell CBD as long as the level of THC present in the product is less than 0.2%!

Where can I order CBD in Belgium?

Buying CBD online is the easiest and most convenient way. You have to check the reliability of the sites and their online store to be able to buy it with peace of mind. So if you are in Belgium and want to buy some, choose a reliable site, then opt for a legal product by checking its THC level. Don’t forget to select the form of CBD that best suits your needs. In the end, you have to confirm your order, and you will proceed with the payment. Then your products will be delivered to you within the period that the website will communicate to you.

Find cbd in blgium

Otherwise, it is always possible to find CBD wholesalers in Belgium that offer wholesale products. These also do the delivery while offering short delays.

The best part is that they sell at unbeatable prices whether you are an individual or a professional in CBD! So, you can either resell the products or store them for yourself. Moreover, CBD has many virtues such as:

  • Sleep regulator;
  • Relaxing effect ;
  • Anti-stress and fights against depression;
  • Relieves pain due to chronic diseases;
  • Reduces the side effects of cancer treatments.

What are the CBD products that Belgians prefer, and where can we find them?

Generally speaking, all the cannabidiol-based products that Belgians prefer are also popular in other countries. One of the most coveted products is CBD oil since it is easy to use.

Moreover, Belgians are interested in CBD flowers. Therefore, many like to order them. You have to be very careful and take regulated products. The Belgian law remains strict.

The e-liquid for electronic cigarettes is also another product loved by Belgians. Indeed, since it has imposed itself on the market, its e-liquid is in high demand with its different flavors.

Find cbd in belgium

Moreover, if you want to buy CBD products in Belgium, you can always go to pharmacies, specialized stores, or different online stores. In pharmacies, the prices are very high. In stores, you have to go for experienced and renowned sellers. And to order it online, you have to go to the best sites that offer quality products at reasonable prices, such as:

  • Flavor CBD;
  • 420 Green Road;
  • The Green store;
  • Weedy;
  • BonneWeed ;
  • Odile Green ;
  • Deli Hemp ;
  • Kanaleg ;
  • Greenowl.

There are many more. But to summarize, it is essential to choose physical or online stores that are reliable and provide you with experts in the field. This will prevent you from running into scammers or ending up with products of poor quality.