Where to find CBD?

You’ve likely heard about cannabidiol-based products sales. This substance has been growing in popularity lately, including since the legalization of CBD in France. However, you may be wondering where to start with these types of CBD products.

There are several answers to this question while knowing that CBD comes in many different forms these days! So you need to know which CBD product to buy before you look into it.

If you want to know more about the subject, this article will answer most of your questions in a few lines!

Before you look for CBD

Hemp is not well known. Therefore, before you order CBD, finding out some interesting information about products made with cannabidiol (CBD) is helpful. First, you should know that it has a bad reputation, as people often confuse it with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

THC is a fairly dangerous cousin with hallucinogenic properties compared to cannabis. In fact, most of the confusion comes from the fact that sellers usually talk about mild cannabis or so-called low-THC strains of cannabis. As a result, they lead curious users to believe that they are dealing with this type of substance. So THC has nothing to do with CBD.

Or rather, the two molecules do not have the same functioning since they are different. However, there are still very few drugs that contain THC. In France, for example, the maximum capacity is 0.2%. Because of this, and as we have explained, CBD has no adverse effects like THC. On the contrary, thanks to the relaxing properties of this molecule, CBD has many benefits. So know that you will not get high when consuming CBD!

Marijuana CBD Vs THC
CBD and THC cannabinoids should not be confused

Where to buy CBD for the first time?

If you’re particularly interested in this little world of CBD and you’re just getting started, we present some quick tips on shopping wisely. You can get more specific information by talking to a sales rep in-store. Some of the information salespeople can provide you with are:

  • Effective CBD molecules;
  • What dosage to follow;
  • Legal concentrations in France.

If you are not familiar with CBD, we strongly recommend that you visit the store and check out the products for sale for yourself. Without experience, it cannot be easy to compare products and quality.

Also, ask the seller the origin of the product you wish to purchase. You may need to check the country of origin, especially if the current THC level is reasonable enough. For safety reasons, this limit is 0.2% in France.

So, concretely, where to find CBD?

Physical CBD stores

The first option is to go directly to the store. You can buy CBD products in French specialty stores. In recent months, these stores have grown and become very popular. But to legally supply yourself with the right amount of CBD, choose the right retailer.

Online CBD stores

Another option is to buy CBD online. CBD products are available at a variety of online stores. By ordering from these websites, they will deliver the products to your door, but many major cities still offer double service.

In other words, it’s a real shop but connected to an online store. So you get the same products you see in Lyon, Marseille, Nice or Toulouse in the retail store. Moreover, you can buy CBD abroad. Few countries in the European Union sell more CBD than France.

Physical CBD stores– You can see the CBD product
– You can smell the CBD product
– You can get advice from the CBD seller
– No delivery time
– The often high prices
– Lack of discretion for the more discreet
– The choice of products according to the CBD stores
Online CBD stores – Easy to compare CBD products and sellers
– Often more choice
– Access at any time
– Home delivery
– Can’t see the product
– You can’t smell the product
– Delivery times
Comparative table between physical and online CBD stores

Good to know

By the way, if you shop and travel in Europe and between borders, your consumption may be very low because it’s mostly limited by law. You are allowed one dose enough to use for a month, not a gram more.

Your last option to purchase is to go to a specific retailer. However, it is imperative to be aware of the risks and pay close attention to what is being sold. In addition, you must be very careful when checking the quality of CBD.