The best places to get CBD products in France

Many European countries have pretty complicated laws regarding CBD. The same goes for France. However, with all the changes in recent years, France has become one of the best countries to buy cannabidiol legally. Being legalized does not mean that you will find good quality CBD everywhere in France.

There are a few hints and laws that you need to know to buy the right legal CBD. Below we will detail everything you need to know about purchasing CBD products in France.

Where to buy CBD products in France?

You can find online stores in France that can ship very high-quality CBD products directly to your door. However, not all companies follow the regulations imposed by the French government, with some working internationally. Ensuring that you comply with the law with your purchase can be done by following specific steps.

First of all, if you want to avoid any legal problems with the authorities, make sure you buy CBD isolate products. This is especially important if the product comes from other countries.
To make sure you buy balms, oils, and other infusions legally, you should also avoid any CBD items labeled as “full-spectrum,” this label means that the product contains many varieties of cannabinoids, including THC. The latter is illegal in France.

Almost all CBD product companies located in Europe will offer shipping options to France. Here are some of the most well-known brands:

  • Reakiro
  • Endoca
  • Nordic Oil

If you don’t want to rely on physical stores for CBD products, you can always buy them online.

CBD cannabidiol Leaf of cannabis in the hands of a kid child

However, You should be aware of some tips. For example, any stores that promote the benefits of CBD and claim that it can cure diseases should be avoided, as the European Commission does not endorse or allow such claims.

Try to prioritize suppliers who can display third-party test results. That way you can know:

  • Whether the products contain harmful elements such as solvents and heavy metals.
  • Whether the CBD products you buy are entirely free of THC.

Is CBD legal in France?

The cannabis plant is considered a narcotic and is strictly illegal in France. On the other hand, the government does not consider cannabidiol, which is one of the many cannabinoids present in the plant, as a narcotic.

However, for CBD to be legal, there are clear restrictions that must meet. Only in 2018 the government took a clear stance on CBD and approved it.

THC on the legislative radar

Not all hemp varieties are illegal in France, some strains are currently approved, and people are free to grow them. However, the use of only fibers and stalks is allowed. The use of flowers is prohibited, regardless of how people use them.

While CBD products are not allowed to contain traces of THC, hemp plants are legally allowed to have it, but if the THC level is higher than 0.2%, they become illegal.

Many people apply this limit to CBD products out of confusion. It is illegal to sell CBD products that contain traces of THC. The law considers them as narcotics. The only way for products to be legal is to have 0% THC.

CBD legislation is highly regulated

Companies that sell CBD products are not allowed to make claims and such about the therapeutic value of CBD. The only claims allowed are those allowed by the ANSM.

It is also not allowed to promote the use of cannabis when marketing CBD products. The best way for consumers to purchase 0% THC CBD products is, as mentioned above, to make sure that the products are based on CBD isolates, which are hemp extracts that are very carefully processed to remove all THC.