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Berlin, Germany

About Network


1. Who We Are?

A European network of business women and activists in the hemp and cannabis world.


2. What We Do?

Connecting business partners and sharing knowledge and ideas.


3. Why Us?

Because networking and finding the right partners is essential to achieve one’s goals in this emerging industry.


Be A Part Of A Great Network.


About US

The Market Of The Future

Whether as medicine, food or renewable resource – hemp/ cannabis is the plant and the market of the future. The potential is infinite. At the same time, the requirements for a profitable business idea are versatile and complex and therefore hard to manage by single entrepreneurs. Especially for newcomers, it is often difficult to get an overview of the current market and legal situation and to find the right contact person.

Create A Platform For New Ideas

In order to promote a knowledge transfer between actors in the hemp industry, to establish new contacts and to create a platform for new ideas, sens media has launched the CannaFem Network. CannaFem is an open network for women who work in the cannabis or hemp sector, who focus professionally directly or indirectly on cannabis / hemp or who want to carry out new business ideas in this field. The networking and the exchange between interested members will take place via platforms such as LinkedIn and Instagram.

Specialists, Businesswomen and Activists

The membership is free of charge and without obligation. The CannaFem Network thrives on the participation of its members. Therefore specialists, businesswomen and activists are encouraged to share their experience and insights and to support each other. This way an international network will be created, starting in Europe, that will be beneficial to its participants and also represents the industry’s interests to the outside world.

Meetings In Various European Cities

In regular meetings in various European cities, the members will have the opportunity to make new contacts and to get to know each other. We look forward to welcoming you in the CannaFem Network and encourage you to contact us with your suggestions, ideas and wishes.

Contact US